Alesandra Woolley

Executive Editor, Certified Sleep Science Coach

Alesandra helped turn the dream of starting Mattress Advisor into a reality. As Executive Editor, she wakes up each morning and gets to work on helping people get better sleep. Growing up in the City That Never Sleeps, she learned the hard way how important a good night of rest really is. She's made it her mission to help others realize the same.

On any given day, you'll find Alesandra in our Mattress Lab testing the latest mattress models, interviewing specialists on the importance of sleep, or curating the most helpful content for our readers.

Alesandra's been featured in Business Insider, USA Today, MarketWatch, Elite Daily and the NY Post for her perspectives on sleep health.

Sleeping Position: Stomach (yes, she knows it's the worst position)
Hours Logged Each Night: 9 or die
Always Sleeps With: 2 pillows
Currently Sleeping On: Leesa Hybrid

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